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Author Topic: A wild shufunk has appeared  (Read 7082 times)


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A wild shufunk has appeared
« on: November 21, 2013, 11:27:46 AM »

What's up everyone shufunk here! People may know me as eligos from Asylum 51. I am one of the founders of the website/community you are currently visiting. Here is a little about myself!

I'm in my early 30's and work the night shift at a hotel my family manages. Before that i was working for a contract company at the airport but was laid off due to contract loss with one of the 3 company's we were contracted with and that one company had about 80% of the flights we actually did. Long story short i was able to work at the hotel full time a few months after being laid off.

Now I know you may be wondering about my gaming experience. I am getting to that! Sheesh! Kappa*

I have been gaming since the tender age of 4. My dad had an atari and we used to play pong as well as pacman and some tank game (I forget the name of it). At age 6 I got my first personal console the NES! This marked the beginning of my addiction! I could play mario for hours and it never got old! At age 9 the sega genesis was out and got that for christmas! It came with sonic the hedgehog and that was my new favorite game as well as Sonic 2, 3 and Knuckle. My collection grew! Between ages 10 and 12 I would go to Putt Putt on Super Saturday to play in tournaments for games such as Mortal Kombat and Street Fighter. Rampage was still around and god knows how many tokens i spent on that game. Galaga 88 is one of my all time favs. The N64 came out and i got my hands on that. Same with the PS1 and PS2. I did do some PC gaming starting around age 14 but durring college i got more into it with Half Life being my first Multiplayer FPS not counting Doom or Duke Nukem 3d which were technically single player. 2003 was when my gaming experiance changed forever! Two things happend! I was one of the firsts to use STEAM which opened up a lot when it came to buying games and playing with friends. In July of 2003 I was introduced to FREELANCER which is the number one game I have the most hours played on. Lets just say I was hooked to this game for the next 5 years! Played i almost daily! Joined the asylum 51 community a little after it launched and started to grow my influence. Started out as an ensign for United Sirius Navy and became leader of it a few months later. A new version of Asylum was coming out and we were given the chance to rename the clan. That is when the Rangers were born. Somehow that didn't last long with me cause a new clan was forming and i had to join! Hellfire was the name and i became Eligos - Demon Lord! Right there and then I was starting to become the most feared of the community. People see me log in they would run! At that time Kadak 18 and I started talking since both hellfire and kadaks were allied at the time. Kadak18 later became Grand Kadak and i became leader of all hellfire. Our alliance was oh so strong until that one day.....the server shuts down! Been playing the game for so long and not sure what to do we try other games. At that time Guild Wars came out. Hellfire never fit into the game so i went solo for a bit until i found out that the former leader of hellfire formed a guild and had some pretty active members so i joined United in Battle. A few years gone by and the guild shrinks to almost 3 - 4 active members. This wasn't happening so I go on my own again. Grand Kadak gets a hold of me on skype one day and tells me how "he misses Asylum and all the active people that were on it. Seem like everyone is split up. How about we form our own community?" That is when Discovery Alliance was formed. Members of our old clans are slowely coming back. With so many games out there now these days it's hard to choose one so that is why we made this a multi gaming community. Here we are now officially launching to the world with people slowing joining. I am happy so far to be with good friends and hope to make new ones.

I know this was a long "book" but thank you for reading. Hope to see some of you on Teamspeak or in game. One thing i didn't mention is i do livestream on twitch. You can catch me at http://twitch.tv/shufunk

*Kappa is a special word that only true people from twitch would understand.
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